There's some news I am still trying to process before writing it up, so in the interim, I give you news bits:
  • It's time for a little more news on Denzel Washington's upcoming The Great Debaters. We've covered the film briefly before, when there were Jackson possibilities and Weinstein money. The period feature is about African American poet, Mel Tolson, and his creation of Wiley College's first debating team, which went on to defeat Harvard in the national championships. Washington has stepped up, not surprisingly, to play Tolson, and Stomp the Yard'sColumbus Short is in negotiations to play one of the students. This film should also prove to be a breath of fresh air from the usual hoodlum-turned-scholar fare -- Production Weekly reports that one of the debaters was a 14-year-old freshman whose father was the first Negro Ph.D in Texas.
  • In January, Erik reported that Rachael Taylor had signed on for the Shutter remake. Now we've got a veritable poo-poo platter of television testosterone to round out the cast. First there is the Dawson's Creek heartthrob who has been fading into the background since his stint as Pacey ended, Joshua Jackson, who co-stars with Taylor as her new husband. Next comes David Denman who not only plays Roy on The Office, but also played the big, secretive monster Skip on Angel. You can throw a little Nip/Tuck to the mix with John Hensley, who plays Matt McNamara. And finally, there is James Kyson Lee, who plays Hiro's sidekick, Ando, on Heroes.
  • The BBC has just released an article about the future of technology, as told from a survey produced by the South Korean government. Sure, there are musings about cell phone batteries that last a month, robot surgeons, and other zany ideas, but they also muse that by 2015, we'll have fragrance catridges in our computer. Sure, it's been talked about before, but just think about it -- John Water's smellovision with everything! Perhaps the director would then add smells to everything, although I think some certain, infamous, Divine scenes should remain smell-free. [via Film Ick]
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