Now that Paramount has hired Louis Feola to head its direct-to-video (DTV) division, the studio is hoping for a lucrative business of cheap sequels. Paramount made a small attempt last year with Save the Last Dance 2, but it wasn't nearly as successful as the small-screen hits that Universal has been dumping out. Feola used to work for Universal Home Entertainment, where he oversaw DTV sequels to American Pie, Darkman and Tremors.

According to Variety, Feola will be mining through Paramount's back catalog, including the films of Paramount Classics, Paramount Vantage, MTV and Nickelodeon, to produce 4-6 sequels, each budgeted at less than $10 million. The first, which has yet to be determined, will be released in late 2008. Variety mentions sequels to Airplane!and The Naked Gun, but the trade is probably just speculating with these titles.

Although I hate the idea of DTV sequels, I have some ideas of Paramount films that could be exploited without upsetting too many fans. The following could be easily and cheaply made and could also provide guilty pleasures to the same kind of people who enjoy the American Pie spinoffs: Teen Wolf, Hiding Out, Summer School and Ladybugs -- of course, each of these would have to be made more R-rated than the originals. Maybe they can even restart the Meatballs franchise?
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