These days, it seems Paul Walker cannot be in a film unless there's drugs, sex, violence ... or a group of adorable sled dogs. Variety reports the actor (who was once positioned to be the next Brad Pitt) has signed on to star in The Heaven Project, which -- and here's where you Walker fans can breathe a sigh of relief -- does not mean his career has died and gone to heaven. Instead, it's an independently financed thriller written by John Glenn -- who will also make his directorial debut.

Along with Variety's odd description of "a love story set in the framework of a psychological thriller" comes an equally odd plot synopsis; apparently, Walker will play a man who loses everything he loves and must piece his life back together by overcoming great obstacles. Um, can we be a little bit more vague? Glenn (as well as his ex-writing partner Travis Wright) recently wrote drafts for a bunch of remakes, including Clash of the Titans (Warner Bros.), Journey to the Center of the Earth (Fox) and The Warriors (Paramount). Pic also marks the first company credit for Walker's new production shingle Be Good (as in, "I just signed on to another edgy drama, please let it be good"). Walker can next be seen impersonating a deceased drug lord in The Death and Life of Bobby Z due out later this year.

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