A few weeks back our own Patricia Chui shared with us a very amusing list of Oscar winners who turned around and banged out some really awful movies after winning the biggest award an actor can receive. Those among the chastised included Shirley MacLaine, Jamie Foxx, Charlize Theron and (of course) Cuba Gooding Jr. -- but in a wonderful example of brilliant minds thinking alike, it looks like the Premiere posse was working on their very own Oscar Winner Hall of Shame!

Actors who earned a spot on BOTH shameful lists include:

  • Louise Fletcher, for following a stunning performance in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with garbage like Exorcist 2, Flowers in the Attic and High School High.
  • Louis Gossett Jr., for doing Jaws 3 right after winning an Oscar for An Officer and a Gentleman -- and for following that movie up with a career full of The Principal, The Punisher and eleven thousand Iron Eagle sequels. (And those are some of his better flicks.)
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, for following Shakespeare in Love with material well beneath her skills -- most notably Shallow Hal, Bounce and (ugh) View from the Top.
  • Cuba Gooding Jr., for being the Oscar Give-back poster child. What movies has he done since winning the gold for Jerry Maguire? Stuff like Instinct, Chill Factor, Men of Honor, Pearl Harbor, Rat Race, Snow Dogs, Boat Trip, The Fighting Temptations, Radio, End Game and freakin' Norbit. Sheesh.

...and if I could throw in one more pick: I distinctly remember the Oscar ceremony in which Michael Caine won for his (great) performance in Hannah and Her Sisters. The mega-prolific actor was unable to attend the event and grab his award ... because he was on location shooting ... Jaws: The Revenge.

Anyway, enjoy the post-Oscar shame with another peek through Patricia's report and this new piece over at Premiere.com. (Their list includes folks like Halle Berry, Kevin Spacey and Robin Williams. And all jabs are entirely well-earned.) Fun stuff.