I really enjoy it when I can catch a trailer for a movie I know nothing about. No casting reports, no "buzz," no six months of wild/mild/non-existent anticipation; just a promo clip for a flick I've never heard of. Something like this happened when a friend emailed me this link with the subject line "Fast and Furious 4: The Suckening??" Well no, actually, it's a car racing thriller called Redline, and it stars the likes of (get this mix) Angus Macfadyen, Eddie Griffin, Tim Matheson and Wyclef Jean.

While trying to snag a handy plot synopsis for you guys, I came across the following info: All the cars used in this "illegal race" adventure belong to real estate tycoon producer Daniel Sadek ... including a $200,000 Porsche Carrera GT that gets demolished at one point. (Must be nice to be that rich!) Apparently Redline is about a very illegal car race, which explains why the trailer reminds me of Torque meets The Cannonball Run -- only funnier than both of those movies put together. With a story by the very wealthy producer and direction from Jackie Chan's old stunt double, Redline looks to be a grade-A classic of unintentional hilarity. We'll find out on April 13. Until then, check the trailer.

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