Maybe I'm just an old fart with old fashioned ideas, but I thought that a "young professional" meant someone who was young and well, professional. You know, the business suit, perhaps a briefcase or smart bag -- some sort of style that would make you think that the person on their way to work, or looked like they had a good job. Either I was wrong, or I am right and the powers behind Blonde Ambition are looking to re-imagine the the descriptor. Or, they're just plain nuts! Erik Davis first brought us news of the "loose remake," and then Chris Ullrich discussed Penelope Ann Miller's involvement in a cast that also includes: Rachael Leigh Cook, Luke Wilson and Andy Dick.

The first jump was trying to imagine Jessica Simpson as a young professional who becomes the pawn of two business executives. Now it's trying to imagine that the photos that have been released for the film are supposed to show this -- pawn, maybe, professional, no. Sure, you can be girly, even floofy, and successful -- Legally Blonde told us so. But there is a different between being a cute blonde with a big smile, and looking like a bad cartoon charicature. Beyond the ones you can find on IMDb, other pictures have hit the net by way of Celeb utopia. We've got Simpson in a terrible wig (that is a wig, right?), way-too-dark red lipstick, what looks like flowers or some such painted on her fingernails and over-all ridiculousness. The jeans shots are a bit better, but it still looks like a silly girl playing dress-up.

[via MovieWeb]
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