Some news for the weekend:
  • I don't see the connection, but the latest heist flick to hit the pike is inspired by Ralph Ellison's racial classic, Invisible Man. Invisible, written by The Watcher and Four Brothers scribe David Elliot, is about a masterful bank heist and the obsession that a female cop has with catching a mysterious con man, who I presume is responsible for the heist. Was the mere word "invisible" the inspiration? Will the crime flick also deal with racial issues? I have no idea. Infinity Media has grabbed the project, and Lance Larson will direct it.
  • While Destino is getting closer to its DVD release, it will be part of a Disney art exhibit in Montreal, which runs from March 8 - June 24. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will have, on-loan, about 300 pieces of art from the Disney archives, and most have never been publically displayed. The exhibit is called Once Upon a Time, and it focuses on the many sources that inspired the world of Disney. This includes original work by Disney studio artists, paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, film clips and other items. Basically, it's a must-see for old-school Disney fans.
  • The U.K. Film Council Development Fund has been busy. Just over a week after releasing the latest round of films to receive money from the Fund, Jenny Borgars has stepped down as head. Harry Potter producer Tanya Seghatchian has been named as her replacement. Seghatchian is known as the executive who first brought Rowling's work to the attention of David Heyman, and has worked closely on the development of the franchise. In 2005, she was one of Variety's 10 Producers to Watch, and they seem to have been right! It'll be interesting to see what she does with the Fund.
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