Yagshemash! Congrats to all of our readers who won Oscars last weekend, we honestly never thought you'd make anything of yourselves (especially you, Hal T. Hickel!). We also weren't sure what kind of caption hilarity you could bring to a still from a Christopher Guest movie, given the very real threat of failing to humor Eugene Levy, who fact checks this site for accuracy* when not fulfilling his 20-picture American Pie Presents... deal. The winners listed below will soon be proud owners of the For Your Consideration DVD.

The comedy train keeps rolling this week with a pic from one of our recent favorites, Borat, a film that grossed $128 million despite the fact that it features close-ups of a 300-pound man's anus. (Great, think about how many 300-pound anuses we're gonna see out of Hollywood now.) Writers of our three favorite captions for will win the DVD. So give us what ya got – and remember, Eugene Levy is watching.*

For Your Consideration1. "Luckily for the movie going public 'The Queen' was entirely recast early in production." – Charlie K

2. "You're right! It DOES sound like waves crashing onto the shore in there!" – LaToya J

3. "Must you girls always 'stick' together?" – Terri H

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*not true at all

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