Those big eyes to the right have narrowed on a role, and if Angelina Jolie has her way, we'll be seeing the Hawach abduction story head to the big screen with her in the lead. If you haven't been following the ordeal -- last July, Melissa Hawach was waiting for her kids to return from a 3-week visit to Australia with her ex-husband, Joe. She was blindsided when his family, who lives there, told her that he left the country with the children and would not be returning. She hunted them down to Lebanon, and at first tried to re-gain custody of her stolen children legally. Then, she took matters into her own hands and kidnapped them back in December. There are stories that say she hired mercenaries, others that say she had men on surveillance and she took off with the kids herself.

Regardless, she has finally returned to Canadian soil with the children, after being in hiding and sneaking out of the country. While the battle between herself and Joe continues, there's a wild rush in Hollywood to grab the story. I'm not surprised, considering the fact that this is the sort of story that would usually be told in an action/suspense film. According to Sun Media, Jolie is among other interested parties like 20th Century Fox. Her agent contacted Melissa's agent to express interest: "They wanted to know who had the movie rights to the story and said that his client was very interested in looking at that role." The mother's agent went on to say that Jolie's people also said that "it was an extraordinary story and a strong woman." If this story makes it to the screen, should Jolie star in it, or is there someone better you have in mind? Looks-wise, I'm thinking Laura Linney.
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