If one thing is for certain, the Braffs need to tend to their Meadow and give us some solid news on the film. A year ago, Erik brought us initial word on Andrew Henry's Meadow, a feature project he was going to direct. Then we found out that Barry Sonnenfeld was in final talks to direct it, and that Zach Braff's brother, Adam, would be adapting it. Months later, we've got more vague news, that will hopefully, one day, lead to something substantial. While popping by AceShowbiz, I found a piece stating that MTV has reported that Braff would be working on the script with his brother, and that the film would gear up later this year. I can't find word on the "music" station's website, but I was able to pull up some confirmation elsewhere.

On NBC's bio for the actor/director, it says that he is currently co-writing the adaptation with Adam, and that he will also executive produce it. Whether he will take a role in the film as well, that remains to be seen (Ace says that he might get a cameo, but that's it.). Previous reports had the script finished, so this could be a re-write the popular actor is doing to help his brother. Whatever the case, it's a teeny, tiny step forward for the film, although I have to wonder if this will go anywhere. Braff writes a lot in his website's blog, but there's nothing about Andrew Henry, or his meadow. If things continue like this, you might have to just pick up the book and imagine what the Braffs and Sonnenfeld might have done with it.
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