Mr. Moviefones Hippie Assistant MattHIPPIE ALERT!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome H.A.M.: Hippie Assistant Matt.
As you may or may not realize, being Mr. Moviefone is no easy job (OK, maybe it is). I spend my days and nights watching movies, writing about them and doing media interviews (and of course looking over the vast Moviefone empire). Over the years, many of you have gotten to know Movieboy. Movieboy was my left hand man. He would help me gather movie info, schedule all my appearances and would accompany me on many of my radio and TV interviews. He became somewhat of a personality himself, adding witty repartee to my segments and basically doing the things a good sidekick should do (like fetching coffee, powdering my forehead, you know ... whatever needed to be done. Well, many of you have been asking so it's time to break the news ... Movieboy is gone.

Enter Hippy Assistant Matt. A wise man once told me that when looking to hire someone, you'll have just as much luck finding a good employee by just snagging the third person you see off the street, as going through a lengthy interview process. I've had many employees over the years, some good some bad. But I learned a long time ago that the person you get in the interview, isn't necessarily the same person you get on the job. So I thought what do I have to lose, I would put the theory to the test. I stood outside my office building and literally offered the job to the third person I saw, a CRAZY ASS HIPPIE! Now by looking at him, he probably doesn't strike you as "executive assistant" material. He probably reminds you of the guy you buy weed from. He seems happy to have the job (or have A job period), he's super easygoing (to the point of almost being in a coma), and I think I can trust him (as far as I know he hasn't stolen anything from me yet). But best of all ... HE LOVES MOVIES! And the beautiful thing is that our tastes in movies are different enough that he will add a whole new perspective (he was crushed that Clerks II was not nominated for an Oscar).

So you will be seeing and hearing more from H.A.M. -- on Moviefone, on the radio, and more. Please feel free to give him as much s**t as you want. He seems to take it well (either that or he's so baked he doesn't understand what I'm saying). Whatever the case, he and I want to hear from you. Whether you want to shoot the s**t about the movies or anything else, we look forward to hearing your opinions.

Oh ... and there is one thing I need your help with. I'm not sure I love the name Hippy Assistant Matt (I feel I have to name all my assistants ... like dogs). It's the first thing that came to me. It's OK ... but I look at him and think it could be so much better. Please take a close look at his picture and if you can think of a good name for him send it along. If I like your name better than mine, I'll send you "I Love Mr. Moviefone" T-shirts and boxer shorts. Then you can say that the only thing that comes between you and Mr. Moviefone is your underwear!

--Mr. Moviefone

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