There's some new chatter regarding the plot of J.J. Abrams new Star Trek film over at The latest scuttlebutt is that, rather than centering on the classic Trek characters meeting at Starfleet Academy, the new film will be more of a first adventure tale in the post-Academy years, focusing mostly on Kirk and Spock with the remaining characters being relegated to minor roles. Harve Bennett, producer of Star Trek II-V, had first proposed the idea of younger versions of the classic characters meeting for the first time at Starfleet Academy, and the idea was tossed around at Paramount for years.

"It's possible they might do 'young Kirk and Spock,'" said Bennett regarding Abrams's film in an interview for Star Trek Magazine. "And, depending on what they do with it, it might be something I might not contest. But if they ever decide to do a Starfleet Academy film, my feeling is that they better call us because that was our baby." As for casting, Erik Davis mentioned here a few days ago, that certain actors were being considered for the film, specifically Matt Damon as Kirk, Adrien Brody as Spock, Gary Sinise as McCoy, and Daniel Dae Kim as Sulu. The IGN article reiterates that there is nothing concrete to the casting yet, but adds that James McAvoy is someone Paramount has in mind to play Scotty.

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