For those of you who still haven't seen enough of Spider-Man 3, and are thirsty for more footage, more trailers, more everything -- the folks at Sony are hitting the streets hard next week with enough web slinging to hold you off until pic swings into theaters on May 4. This Monday night, seven minutes of Spider-Man 3 footage will be aired alongside the NBC show Heroes, with one minute coming during and six minutes afterwards. That's the good news. Oh, but wait -- there's better news. Exactly one hour prior to Heroes, Cinematical will exclusively bring you a detailed outline of all the footage being aired, as well as a Q&A with Spider-Man 3 producer Avi Arad. Yes, we're seeing the footage early, and you bet your bottom we'll be all over that bad boy.

If for some reason you miss the Heroes broadcast, then a brand new Spider-Man trailer will debut in front of 300 next weekend. And I know you'll be seeing 300 ... a little birdie told me so. The trailer will only run for a little under two minutes, but I am sure it will be chock-full of some fantastic Spidey action. On top of all this, a new piece of Spidey artwork has hit the streets; Superhero Hype has your first look at the colorful new poster.Can you believe we're only two months away from Spider-Man 3? Have you started counting down the seconds yet? Remember folks, swing by Cinematical this Monday night for a ton of exclusive Spider-Man 3 insanity; then definitely make sure you switch over to NBC to get a giant taste of what we're in store for come May 4.

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