Disney is confident Wild Hogs will have people running to the theater -- so much so that they're interested in bringing back director Walt Becker and Hogs star John Travolta for another similar-themed flick. Though it's not a sequel, Old Dogs will once again venture inside the world of middle-aged fathers; pic was written by David Diamond and David Weissman, and is currently being labeled a buddy comedy. While Becker has officially signed on, Travolta is in talks; the actor would like to have his wife Kelly Preston, as well as his daughter Ella Blue, cast alongside him. So, chances are if they're in, he's in.

Of course, it's a buddy comedy, which means Travolta needs a buddy to partner up with. Studio is currently scouring the Hollywood talent pool for another male lead, and I'm thinking: Why not make this a family affair and invite the Smiths? Will, Jada and Jaden would be perfect, except Will Smith isn't exactly middle-aged. Originally titled Old Dads, Disney bought the pitch for seven-figures last summer, changed the title and is probably hoping to attract the same kind of crowd who would flock to see Wild Hogs, due out in theaters today. Sounds iffy, but at least it's better than another go-round with a talking infant whose freakish cab driver voice sounds an awful lot like Bruce Willis.

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