There has be another addition to the ever-expanding cast of the Will Ferrell basketball comedy Semi-Pro. Variety reports that Maura Tierney (ER) has now signed on to play a love interest for Woody Harrelson. There have been plenty of casting announcements for the film; some of which haven't met with the most enthusiastic response, but New Line has yet to confirm a release date. I would hope that the addition of Tierney is the last piece of the puzzle.

Kent Alterman is directing the Scot Armstrong script about a struggling basketball team with Ferrel as their owner/coach. Already included in the cast are André Benjamin, Jay Phillips and Daily Show alum Rob Corddry. Tierney was last seen at Sundance in the ensemble drama The Go-Getter, which judging by James' review wasn't bound for a wide release any time soon. This seems like it might be another in a line of "the girl" parts for Tierney, who has played them before with grace despite some not-so-hot scripts in the Ray Romano comedy Welcome To Mooseport and Forces of Nature. Luckily, she was a pretty good straight man on the TV comedy News Radio, so she might be a welcome relief from the guaranteed absurdity of Ferrell and Arnett's performances.
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