Police in Hickory, North Carolina, are investigating a robbery that occured Thursday night, in which a Hickory man unwittingly allowed some strange burglars into his home. The victim initially opened his door to a woman requesting to use a telephone, and after showing the woman to a bedroom phone, the Good Samaritan exited the bedroom to find himself facing two robbers, one of them wearing a Darth Vader mask and brandishing a chrome-plated pistol. The victim was ordered to hand over his wallet, which contained about three-hundred dollars, and was then pistol-whipped. There was no serious injury. The victim also reports that the trio went through his home looking for something, but didn't take anything.

The Darth in question is reported to be only 5'7, which would make him considerably shorter than actor David Prowse, who played the character in the original Star Wars trilogy and stands 6'7. If nothing else, this Darth-mask robbery is a refreshing change from the never-ending string of Scream-mask robberies that have seemingly gone on since the Scream films first hit theaters. The most recent one, reported on February 19 in Mansfield, Massachusetts, saw a Scream-killer robbing the Rockland Federal Credit Union and making off with an undisclosed sum of cash.

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