Some news for the weekend:
  • I recently shared word that Zooey Deschanel was heading the cast of a Sci-Fi Channel re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz. In Tin Man, Zooey would play the Dorothy character, and Alan Cumming was going to be Glitch, with only half a brain. Now Jaws alum-turned-Poseidon man Richard Dreyfusshas signed on to play "Mystic Man" -- "a wizard who holds the key to revealing the destiny of one woman who can save The Outer Zone." Get it? Outer Zone. Oz. So clever! This reportedly "psychedelic, often twisted" remake will film next month and air this December.
  • I know that you've been waiting with baited breath ever since Erik Davis reported that there would be a Bachelor Party sequel. In the original, Whitesnake lover Tawny Kitaen was the sexy vixen. In this incarnation, it will be D.E.B.S. alum, Sara Foster. However, she doesn't have the hairband cred of her predecessor. Where Ms. Kitaen got to writhe on a car and do gymnastics, Ms. Foster was in a.... Backstreet Boys video. Still, she looks good -- she's the lady to the right. However, if you're looking for more estrogen, they've also signed Emmanuelle Vaugier to the direct-to-DVD release.
  • To keep us from forgetting about The Reaping, which has been struggling to get out, we've got some Hilary Swank pictures to go with the old trailer. FilmIck has a bunch that include the likes of Ms. Swank furrowing her brow in each and every one, some big insects and a large-eyed little girl. Someone better tell the actress that if she keeps her face that way, it might stick!
  • Finally, if you're going to purchase some art, you might want to check first to make sure it isn't stolen goods -- even if it is coming from a legitimate dealer. Steven Spielberg bought a Norman Rockwell painting in 1989, and just last week, one of his staff spotted it on an FBI site that lists stolen works of art. Apparently, it was stolen years ago from a now-defunct art gallery. The director is obviously cooperating with the FBI, and holding onto it until its "disposition can be determined."
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