Simon Hattenstone, the journalist for The Guardian who recently sat down to talk with Sienna Miller, claims to feel "manic by proxy" just from talking to her, "as if I'm caught up in a sugar rush." In a fascinating, no-holds-barred interview published today, Miller opens up about every topic in her life, including the long and complex process of getting Factory Girl to the big screen. "After I'd been researching it for a year I had this way of talking and this way of laughing, this way of smoking, this way of dancing, this whole character that you've worked on, and then it's like 'It's a wrap, bye, guys, bye,' and you're like 'Eeeeugh, what do I do with it, what do I do now?" Miller also denies rumors that she took on Edie Sedgwick's destructive habits. "I didn't up my drug intake, if that's what you're implying. Edie shot up amphetamine and shot up heroine to come down off amphetamine and that's serious drug-taking, and look where it got her."

Nevertheless, she claims that "I took a morphine pill, just to feel what a safe way of taking heroine was like." When the interviewer ponders aloud why so many people are drawn to drugs, Miller blurts out "Cos' they're fun! Cos' they're f**kloads of fun! No, don't write that. I always end up putting my big fat foot in it." She also claims to enjoy the "odd hallucinogenic drug. I liked mushrooms, which were legal until a year or so ago." Her favorite vice, however, is smoking, which she endorses. "I love them. Love them. I think the more positive approach you have to smoking, the less harmful it is. I know it's an irresponsible thing to say, but I do know people who are 86 and smoked 60 a day and died of old age."

Miller is also keen on sharing her political views. "Basically, we're living under a fascist regime," she says of Blair's New Labour, before pulling it back and saying that she thinks her previous remark was disrespectful to people who live under true dictatorships. She also says "There's an image of Americans in a tank, and an Iraqi woman walks down the street and she sees the tank and the soldiers just run her over," although its not clear if she's free-associating, or referencing some real incident. As for her upcoming slate, Miller says she's finished work on both Stardust, the British fantasy film, and Interview, the latest directing project from Steve Buscemi. Throughout the sprawling interview, Miller also talks about mating rabbits at boarding school, filling a water-gun with piss and shooting it at the paparazzi, the stupidity of learning math -- "take a f**king calculator, you nob" -- re-naming American cities, and why people should walk around topless.

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