In Australia to promote the release of The Good German, Tobey Maguire has opened up about the future of the Spiderman series, and seems to be confirming the buzz that althrough Sony will clearly insist on a never-ending run for the franchise, it's not likely to be with him playing the Peter Parker character. The Sunday Mail reports that the actor feels he has 'reached the end of the road' with the character, and quotes him directly on the subject: "To me it seems like this is a natural point for the team to break up," Maguire says. "We have a lot of story conclusions that were going along for the main characters for the first two movies and we kind of tie almost everything up for the third movie." Maguire also adds the following assertion: "It feels like a trilogy to me and it feels like the end."

Maguire's feelings on the matter would seem to mirror co-star Kirsten Dunst's, who has been vocal in her less-than-enthusiastic feelings about continuing to portray the Mary Jane character. In Manhattan last fall to do promotion for Marie Antoinette, Cinematicalasked Dunst if she felt like three of these films were enough for her. After a considerate pause, she responded: "If it's enough for Sam, it's enough for me. If it's not enough for Sam, then it's not enough for me, either." Sam is, of course, hard at work on getting the promotional gears churning for this third film, and will be premiering seven minutes of footage from the film to the press this afternoon. The same footage will be released to the web on Monday evening. Spider-Man 3 is currently scheduled to hit theaters on May 4.