The SXSW Film Festival has a screening schedule posted on the official SXSW site with the usual SXSW calendar program that allows you to make your own schedule. You then can port your schedule to iCal or Mozilla Sunbird. But for those filmgoers who want a different kind of calendar setup, B-Side and Austinist have teamed together to post an alternate (and unofficial) SXSW film festival site, called the SXSW Other Side Guide. If you're a frequent film festival attendee, you might have used B-Side's calendars for other fests and like me, already have an established account. Last year, I used B-Side calendars at aGLIFF, Austin Film Festival and Fantastic Fest so I'm well acquainted with the way the site works.

B-Side is offering inducements for you to try their calendar service: the first 50 people to build schedules on the SXSW Other Side Guide site and the first 100 to post reviews there will get B-Side t-shirts. And everyone who posts three or more reviews there becomes eligible to win one of four film badges for SXSW 2008. Although SXSW hasn't started yet, you can post reviews of movies you've seen already. The B-Side festival sites are meant to encourage interaction from participants -- you can rate and review movies, see other users' reviews and ratings, and even import reviews from a blog site if you have one. I like seeing the list of top films that people have added to their schedules, too, because I'm nosy that way. Even if you have a schedule set up already on the SXSW site or elsewhere (mine is currently in Google Calendar), the unofficial site is fun to visit and use.