Cinematical isn't covering San Francisco's WonderCon this year, but we've been monitoring some of the more interesting news items that have floated out. Here's one that's being reported on IGN that may interest Superman nuts: during a DC Comics panel, Bruce Timm talked about a forthcoming animated feature film that will bring to life the 'Death of Superman' comic storyline, in which the Man of Steel was taken down by the interplanetary supervillain known as Doomsday. The film, which will run 72-minutes, is scheduled for DVD release on September 18.

Timm revealed during the panel that voice actors for the project will include Adam Baldwin as Superman, Anne Heche as Lois Lane, and James Marsters as Lex Luthor. Timm noted that fans will be getting a 'new take' on the Luthor character for this film. Furthermore, Timm prepared fans for 'adaptations and changes' from the original comic storyline, presumably to keep it fresh for the audience. He mentioned that major sub-plots from the original storyline would be cut out. Timm also unveiled a trailer for the new film, which showed Superman doing battle with Doomsday and re-created the iconic comic art of Lois cradling a dead Superman in her arms. The finale of the teaser was apparently a shot of Superman's hand punching through a grave!

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