With the exception of Indiana Jones 4, set to start shooting this June, it would appear that George Lucas has decided to put his energies towards the small screen from now on. The Force.net recently received a tip from a Director's Guild of America (DGA) event where Lucas made a speech in which he made the somewhat dramatic announcement that "the future is in television."

There has already been plenty of news about the animated 3D Clone Wars TV series. The series has yet to find a network, but Lucas didn't miss an opportunity to promote the project at the DGA presentation. Lucas was quoted as saying, "there won't be anything on TV like it -- it'll be smart ass comedy with contemporary humor." He also said that the series would not involve what he calls "the Skywalker story." Lucas mentioned a live-action series too, although it could be a few years off, and also confirmed that he was working on bringing The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles to DVD. Lucas promised the DVD set would have added documentaries and a digital re-touching.

Since most of Lucas' TV projects are still up in the air, I'm not sure his future in TV is assured. One thing is for certain -- after that statement, he shouldn't be seated beside Lauren Bacall or it could get ugly.
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