If I described a movie like this -- "Breakin' meets Big meets Awakenings" -- is that a movie you're likely to go check out? What if I threw Jamie Kennedy into the equation? Yes, it's Kickin' It Old Skool, which we last reported about way back in April. And now we're back to remind you the flick's on its way. In fact, here's a brand-new theatrical trailer. The plot goes like this: A 12-year-old breakdancing whiz cracks his head and slips into a coma for 20 years, only to awaken in the wacky world of 2006 with the brain of a child. Oh, and the burning desire to breakdance, of course. Joining Kennedy in the broad ensemble are Christopher McDonald, Debra Jo Rupp, Michael Rosenbaum, Vivica A. Fox and ... did I see a little Hasslehoff in there? Dear lord.

One of the film's co-writers, Trace Slobotkin, comes from the world of reality television scripting. His credits include Beauty and the Geek, The Biggest Loser, Endurance 3: Hawaii, and For Love or Money. First-time director Harv Glazer is responsible for producing direct-to-DVD films like Dead Mary and Living Death, so with credits like these, how could the film go wrong? Kickin' It Old Skool, completely with wackily misspelled title, opens on April 20. (Get it? 4-20? Oh how clever.)