Just three wide releases this weekend: A deep-south drama about an angry man and his unhappy captive, a nose-pickin' comedy about morons on motorcycles, and a lengthy crime flick about a true-life serial killer.

Black Snake Moan -- 63 positive / 38 negative at RottenTomatoes.com

Pro: "In fact, I pretty much enjoyed the whole movie, with some incredulity and a few half-snorts." -- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

Con: "It's an exploitation film fraught with faux-sincerity, and ultimately it's utterly ridiculous." -- Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times

Pro: "If you stick with it, you'll see that its excesses are earned and that this is a heartfelt, thoughtful piece." -- Kevin Laforest, Montreal Film Journal

: "Its consciously far-fetched, out-there notions of the things damaged people do in the name of love are reductive and go only so far." -- Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

Bonus! "The film succeeds because underneath all the symbolism and the outrageous window dressing, we can glimpse real people in the characters." -- Jette Kernion, Cinematical

Wild Hogs -- 12 positive / 68 negative at RT.com

: "These "Mild" Hogs get by on being good-natured, and willing to trade a little star power for the chance to ride and get paid for it." -- Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

: "The movie never rises to the level of the professional, much less the comic." -- Stephen Hunter, Washington Post

: "Plays as a pleasingly broad diversion, provided one's level of anticipation is properly adjusted downward." -- Brent Simon, FilmStew.com

Con: "It does absolutely nothing, save for what you know it will do, and it does this with only an absolute bare minimum of exertion, with absolutely no exceptions." -- Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star

"You can't help but wonder whether folks like Macy, Liotta and Travolta lost a bet." -- Erik Davis, Cinematical