Is Mark Wahlberg a real American hero? Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura apparently thinks so. IESB is reporting tonight that at the press junket for the Wahlberg vehicle Shooter, di Bonaventura said that as soon as his other project, Michael Bay's Transformers, wraps, he will "immediately" jump onto a G.I. Joe film, hopefully with Wahlberg on board as Conrad "Duke" Hauser. IESB also reports that the film will be set before the rise of COBRA, and focuses on how the future COBRA Commander started his terrorist group. COBRA villains Destro and Stormshadow will also apparently be featured in the film, while Hawk and Snake Eyes are slated to stand in for the good guys.

Wahlberg recently wrapped shooting on the crime drama We Own the Night, co-starring Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes. He also has his name attached to a couple of other forthcoming projects, including a sequel to The Italian Job and The Fighter, which is the biopic of boxer Irish Micky Ward that will co-star Matt Damon. There's no further indication at this time how solid plans are to fast-track the G.I. Joe film, but it doesn't seem like the kind of project that sits on the back-burner for long.
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