Just a few days ago Mr. Ryan Stewart informed you that Larry Fessenden and Alexi Wasser had been signed to star in the sequel to Eli Roth'sCabin Fever, but those hard-working lunatics over at Bloody-Disgusting.com have also now unleashed the complete cast list for Ti West's follow-up ... and it it looks exactly like you'd expect from a cult-horror sequel called Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. In addition to the lovely Ms. Wasser and the multi-hatted Mr. Fessenden, a number of other folks will line up to be devoured by an inevitably icky skin condition, and the list has been made public.

Giuseppe Andrews (he played Deputy Winston in the original Cabin Fever), Mark Borchardt (American Movie, The Tunnel), Judah Friedlander (Feast, Napoleon Dynamite), Rusty Kelley (Dear Pillow, The Cassidy Kids), Marc Senter (The Lost), Noah Segan (Brick, Waterborne) and ... Rider Strong? Wasn't he also in the first Fever? And didn't he die pretty horribly? Director West (who has under his belt The Roost and the SXSW-premiering Trigger Man) is keeping plot details on the down-low, but he promises that the sequel will not be a "re-hash" of the original. But what I'm wondering is ... will this be a theatrical release or a DTV baby? As a big fan of the first flick, I look forward to seeing the sequel either way, obviously -- but this is starting to feel like a "home video premiere" type of project.

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