Now that Joss Whedon has been booted off Wonder Woman, it's up to producer Joel Silver to save the possible franchise from taking a nosedive straight into development hell. Silver was at WonderCon promoting The Reaping, but it's practically impossible to get that guy into a room and not have him field a ton of questions regarding Wonder Woman and the upcoming Speed Racer flick, to be directed by the Wachowski Bothers. ("Yeah, so in The ReapingHilary Swank battles biblical plagues -- that's great ... but, when do we get to see what the live-action Mach 5 from Speed Racer will look like?")

As far as Wonder Woman goes, Silver would still very much like to produce it, but admitted the project has been "a struggle." When asked whether Warners was focusing on the new WW spec script picked up (the one set during World War II), Silver sort of shoved it off, and acted as if that was not the direction they were going in. Then again, we're not even sure if there is a direction -- chances are, Wonder Woman will remain in limbo for the time being. On the Speed Racer front, Silver acknowledged Vince Vaughn's contribution as a producer early on, but quickly shot down rumors (kind of) that Vaughn would also star as Racer X. The Wachowski Brothers are currently hard at work on the pic, which begins production June 5 in Berlin.

Also on the agenda was the reason behind The Reaping's delay. Originally scheduled to come out last fall, Silver said the film "just wasn't done yet." He did, however, chuck a whole lot of praise toward the Hilary Swank flick, saying the visual effects are outstanding and that director Stephen Hopkins did a fantastic job with it. The Reaping hits theaters on April 6, while Speed Racer is due out on May 23, 2008.

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