Just released by Heretic Films, Planetfall attempts a spaghetti western in a science fiction setting. Sergio Leone-style characters mix it up with situations reminiscent of all those Italian post-apocalyptic epics from the 80s, with a dash of Star Wars. Director Michael J. Heagle even bills himself under the pseudonym Gianni Mezzanotte in keeping with the film's Italian flavor. Planetfall is a film with ambitious goals -- perhaps too ambitious. On the futuristic and war-torn planet Zita, two female bounty hunters are on the hunt for Planetfall, the payload of a military transport shot down over the desert. One of them is Lux Antigone (Heidi Fellner), a soldier of fortune who belongs to the Machinata, a cult that aspires to be one with machines, and a plot point that is forgotten almost immediately after it is introduced.

When we first meet Antigone, she demonstrates her prowess with a samurai sword in a bit that owes a great deal to the Star Wars cantina scene. Antigone has fallen behind on her dews to the Machinata, so when her old partner Shark Sterling (Snype Myers) gets her a high paying gig to recover Planetfall (a name, incidentally, which makes no sense other than to use some science fictiony nomenclature) she jumps at the chance. Also on the hunt for Planetfall is Wendy Stanton (Leitha Matz), a former military officer turned bounty hunter who just happens to be the daughter of Zitan President Arch Stanton (played by veteran exploitation producer and director Ted V. Mikels). There's a running gag where nearly everyone Wendy meets asks "does your daddy know where you are?"

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