Three very-different morsels for Monday:
  • I had thought Hellboy 2: The Golden Armywas when my ex got really swollen from walnuts, but it's actually going to be a little more cinematic. The LA Daily News has reported that Guillermo del Toro is on his way to Budapest to "zero in on the beginning of principal photography," according to Beast-turned-Hellboy Ron Perlman. The actor is currently bulking up for the film, which will head into production at the end of May. His regimen: "The push-ups, the sit-ups, the stationary bike. Then, of course, there's the lifting of the pizza." So, Budapest, this May. Bring Perlman some pizza and you just might get behind the scenes.
  • What do you do after you've securely planted your genitals in Sacha Baron Cohen's face? You Get Smart. Ken Davitian, who played Azamat Bagatov in Borat, is the latest name to join the cast of the remake, which already hasSteve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Alan Arkin, The Rock and Terrence Stamp. The furry funny man will play the evil assistance of Stamp, who will be the head of KAOS. Davitian says: "It's my first film that is with so many big people." Somehow, I bet it won't be his last.
  • If you've been around Cinematical for a bit, you might remember that I have a thing for Justin Theroux -- especially as Jesus. While we still have to wait a God-awful 5 months until The Ten's limited US release on August 3, the official site now has a trailer linked on YouTube. Ignore the simple, mid-90's look of the website and click the "Trailer" link at the top, and don't be fooled by the music. Just delight in the many, many recognizable faces, in the strange naked dancing, and the profanity at the end. Yes, this might be considered NSFW.