We're still waiting for word on official casting for Mummy 3. There is so much news in the not-news, that I'm wondering if this will even get off the ground. We've already got Brendan Fraser saying that he's waiting for the call, while IMDb has him attached, we have rumors of Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh possibly jumping on-board and we've got a filming location in Montreal. There isn't word on Ms. Weisz, or whether John Hannah will return as Jonathan Carnahan. However, we are minus one cast member, according to Oded Fehr.

IGN has reported that while promoting Resident Evil at WonderCon 2007, Fehr said that he would not be returning to the Mummy franchise as Ardeth Bay -- but it isn't for lack of interest. It seems that this story has no use for the character, and Fehr is quoted as saying: "As far as I know, I'm not involved. My character is not involved in the third one... If they did ask me to do a third one, I would gladly do it." He also says that: "The movie will forever be very close to my heart, and it's very much a part of me being an actor." Apparently the people whipping together this sequel don't feel the same way. While I can understand that sometimes stories don't warrant having every character, they're already taking a risk by making yet another one. It seems extra-risky to me to leave off one of the main characters. Is this further confirmation that the sequel won't be worth it, or does it really matter?
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