As I reported before, powerhouse performers Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling will next be seen in the film Fracture. Earlier reports about the film -- a psychological thriller concerning an Assistant DA (Gosling) struggling to keep the man who tried to kill his wife (Hopkins) behind bars -- only included a brief synopsis, details on the two stars and the film's director Gregory Hoblit. But now, thanks to the gang over at IGN, we've got a one-sheet and some stills from the film to look at too.

As they often do these days, the one-sheet features the faces of stars Hopkins and Gosling with Hopkins doing what can best be described as the "Hannibal Lecter come-hither look." In addition to the one-sheet, there's also the production stills from the film. In them, we get several images of both stars from various scenes in the film: Gosling confronting Hopkins in jail, Gosling staring purposefully into camera, Gosling confronting Hopkins' wife at an event, Gosling comforting his wife, etc. You get the idea.

I'm a big fan of Ryan Gosling and, on occasion, Anthony Hopkins too. So, I'm pretty sure the combination of these two actors and director Hoblit, who also has a great facility with these types of films, will lead to something good. Gosling was the best thing in the otherwise under-whelming Murder by Numbers and Hopkins was, of course, in Silence of the Lambs so this film should have all it needs to succeed. We'll find out if I'm right when the film gets released later this year.
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