Nice to know that after so many almost-starts, the movie version of Stephen King'sThe Mist is moving (quickly!) forward -- especially with a cast this solid and a director like Frank Darabont at the helm. AICN's Quint just spent four juicy days on the Mist shoot and he's come back with a whole bunch of very thorough reports AND some fairly nifty photos from the supermarket set.

I suppose it's fair game for Quint to dole out a few minor spoilers, considering that the Mist story has been in print for over fifteen years -- but if you want to enjoy The Mist as a totally new experience, I'd probably skip this report. As I've read this particular piece of source material (twice), I had no problem digging through the details of some minor characters and the presence of the Lovecraftian tentacle monsters. Check out the fourth and final set report to get your juices flowing on The Mist. I always get excited for big-budget monster movies, so this flick is already high up on my Gimme Gimme list. (And if you haven't read the source material just yet, I recommend that you do so.)
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