After a tarty start with roles like band-aid Estrella Starr and a saucy teen suburbanite in Havoc, Bijou Phillips is moving step by step into Scream Queen status. We've got Venom and an appearance on CSI in her past, and The Wizard of Gore and Hostel: Part 2 in her near future. For the latter, she even disrobed and carried a dismembered head for a promotional poster. I would say that move shows dedication to her new genre, but the young woman isn't entirely particular about her naked work. Now TOMB is reporting that she's started work this week on It's Alive -- yes, another remake -- with James Murray and Raphaël Coleman. (The site lists a dead Murray, so unless they've got ghost or zombie roles, I think it is safe to say that the Murray in question is this one.)

The film, which is currently shooting in Bulgaria, is a sweet family film about "a monstrous homicidal vampire baby." In the original, the baby's murderous tendencies came from its being frightened, but we can't really rely on the original. Director Josef Rusnak (The Thirteenth Floor) is quoted as saying: "Some character elements and situations have been updated to reflect certain changes in society, but the script still preys on the genre's ability to explode the foundation of today's bourgeoisie." Umm, yeah. So, the bad, murdering baby is coming back to the screen to take a stab at the middle class? How political of the little tyke!
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