There's some salacious cinema in the works for this Spring. Before Penélope Cruz heads to Europe to star in Woody Allen's next film, she'll be making her way to Vancouver to co-star with Ben Kingsley in another. And the film in question isn't what you might expect -- it's an erotic drama and Isabel Coixet's latest feature. She recently directed part of Paris, je t'aime, and she's the woman who also brought us the Sarah Polley drama, My Life Without Me. Now she's heading Elegy, which is based on the a 2001 novel by Philip Roth, The Dying Animal.

The novel is about a literature professor and renowned radio host/culture critic named David Kepesh (Kingsley) -- a man who left his wife and child in the 60's to pursue an "emancipated manhood." In other words, he's sexually casual and un-committed. He meets a young student, Consuela Castillo (Cruz), who he thinks of as "a masterpiece of volupte." Her presence throws his life into disorder as he becomes sexually possessive and jealous. A nice May-December tryst without the creepy statutory feel. While I can't help but think of Salma Hayek as I type this, I guess Cruz could handle it as well. However, I'm hoping that they up the age of her character, because I don't think anyone will buy Ms. Cruz playing someone 10 years her junior. The film is scheduled to begin principal photography on April 24th.
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