One movie we can all thank God didn't happen is McG'sSuperman movie. But he's been given another chance to upset comic book fans, though not on as big a scale. According to, McG has replacedPeter Berg as director on The Losers, an adaptation of the DC/Vertigo title that was a remake of an old WWII-based comic. The updated version features a group of anti-hero ex-special forces soldiers who go to war against the CIA after being betrayed and abandoned. Yes, this sounds a bit like The A-Team, and there is even mention of the similarity on the comic's Wikipedia page. Maybe 20th Century Fox can get their A-Teammovie going and the two titles can compete against each other.

As if one studio signing McG isn't enough, also reports that Fox is looking to hire the Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle director for the remake of The Fantastic Voyage. For those unfamiliar with the original, a sci-fi classic, it follows the story of a submarine crew shrunken small enough to enter the body of a dying diplomat in order to save him. It also won two Oscars, for visual effects and for art direction, which the new version will probably not receive. Currently, McG is also attached to the comedy Me and My Monster, which is sounds a bit like Little Monsters.
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