Last year, we told you how Mariah Carey was gearing up to star in a new indie film as an aspiring singer/waitress who ditches her abusive husband to join two brothers on a road trip. Unfortunately, it's not Glitter 2 -- no, this one is called Tennessee, and it's currently filming all over Nashville where Carey was heard belting out the tunes at a local spot called Second Fiddle. Yes folks, Mariah Carey has officially gone country ... but only for this movie, we think.

Not only did she share the stage with Mickey Raphael (who plays harmonica for Willie Nelson), but she sang a song she co-wrote with Nelson specifically for the film called "Right to Dream." According to Tennessee director Aaron Woodley, the film crew -- wait for it -- wept as Carey sang the song, adding "It's very moving, especially in the context of the film and her character." Now, I haven't been on too many movie sets -- and I wasn't present while they were filming Glitter, WiseGirlsor State Property 2 -- but is it common for a film crew to openly weep while shooting a scene? Or, perhaps they wept for a different reason? Shooting wrapped Friday, and I'm sure we'll see Tennessee wind up in one or two film festivals later this year ... unless, of course, it goes straight to DVD.

[via Pop Candy]

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