The folks over at are hosting about 20 new pics from the long-delayed but now approaching release Warner Bros. horror film, The Reaping. The film stars Hilary Swank as a former missionary who now has gone the complete opposite direction and debunks miracles for a living, and ends up coming into contact with some miracles that might not be debunkable. Of the new pics, the most arresting one is of a person with bright red hair who has been killed in some way that seems like slow roasting over an open flame. Another shows Swank approaching what looks like a screen door with some kind of special dagger in her hand. There's also a spooky one of a little girl peering into the camera while a bunch of people behind her seemingly engage in some kind of ritual -- they are all covering their faces with both hands.

Most of the other pics in the bunch are pretty non-informational -- a lot of people staring at giant bugs or shining flashlights into a dark corner, and stuff like that. The Reaping is currently scheduled to hit theaters on April 6 -- Joel Silver recently defended the long delay in an interview, stating that the many special effects just took a long time to complete. With the new release date, it will go head to head with Grindhouse, which strikes me as odd. The Reaping isn't exactly counter-programming to Grindhouse -- is this a wise move?