Before you ask, "when did Cinematical start covering that type of movie," Homo Erectus is a caveman comedy written and directed by and starring Adam Rifkin, and the trailer is now available for viewing at Youtube (thanks to Joblo for pointing it out). Martha Fischer first mentioned the flick here back in October of 2005, and it looks like a sort of combination of the 1981 Ringo Starr vehicle Caveman, and The Flintstones. Thankfully, this is a surprisingly articulate breed of cave people; I don't think I could take an entire movie written in the style of the Johnny Weissmuller "Me Tarzan, you Jane," school of dialogue. Rifkin plays Ishbo, a bespectacled (that's right) forward-thinking young caveman who thinks it's wrong to club women.

Ali Larter plays the object of Ishbo's affections with David Carradine, Tom Arnold and Ron Jeremy thrown into the mix. I suppose it would be impossible to do this type of film without an homage to the bone-throwing scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey, so it's the very first gag in the trailer, and I lost count of how many times Rifkin's character gets clubbed in the head. Looks like it could be a fun little bit of silliness. Rifkin has a pretty diverse resumé, having been involved in various capacities with films like Detroit Rock City (as director), Mousehunt (as screenwriter), and the currently in production 2001 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillys (as an actor.)