"Has this man made the funniest movie ever?" That's an actual quote from the COVER of an issue of Entertainment Weekly last October, leading up to the release of one of the most buzzed-about comedies in recent history. The answer? Nope, not even close. Borat is the seventh funniest movie ever. Funniest "moviefilm" of 2006? We'll give you that, though Poseidon was a close second. Sacha Baron Cohen's no-budget tour de force has all the makings of a classic comedy: addictive catchphrases, outrageous physical humor, gratuitous nudity (damn you, Ken Davitian!), anarchic sociopolitical experiments exposing of the ugly underbelly of bigotry. (OK, that last one's a bonus). Since many of you probably contributed to the film's impressive $128 million gross, I won't bore you with "plot" details (boy sees girls on Baywatch... boy throws wedding sack on girl), but instead recall on my three favorite moments:
3) It's rough watching good people get roasted, but Borat's plastic-bag presentation at the dinner party shocked even his most adamant HBO fans.
2) Borat tells a flag-waving rodeo crowd, "We support your war of terror," before massacring the national anthem. Has a comedian ever put his life in more serious jeopardy?
1) The nude wrestling scene. Never could I have imagined my favorite nude wrestling scene of all time would involve two men, not to mention one the size of Big Momma, but such is the power of this now immortalized, riotously funny scene.
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Fast Food NationFast Food Nation
If Super Size Me changed the way you look at burger-and-fry benders, Fast Food Nation will change the way you look at meatpacking plants: They're not Wonka-like wonderfactories with fried-chicken furniture sets and bacon-draped walls, after all. OK, some of you may have known that. But there's still a lot to appreciate about Richard Linklater's ambitious adaptation of Eric Schlosser's bestseller. The film got a mixed reception out of Cannes and through its theatrical rollout, its sharpest critics seemingly devotees to its non-fiction counterpart. The film version is reworked into overlapping narratives – Greg Kinnear plays a suit, Wilmer Valderrama a meat-chopping immigrant, Ashley Johnson (Chrissy Seaver from Growing Pains!) a burger-flipper – and I'll admit it, it's preachy as hell. Some carnivores will likely be turned off (though ya never know, others may be turned on by all the scantily clad cows). But each of the interwoven storylines is effective, and ultimately Linklater's message movie is a resonant one. It doesn't hurt that he takes us on a graphic tour of a real-life "kill floor" in the film's final act. Burger, anyone?
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Fun Fact: 98.3 percent of regular McDonald's customers would rather watch Saw III.

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