Perhaps it's fitting that Rogue Pictures (specialty division for Universal) would pick up a treatment called Lottery Ticket, seeing as New York is preparing itself today for a Mega Millions lottery drawing worth $370 million -- its largest to date. Of course, yours truly forgot to pick up his Mega Millions ticket; thus, you can expect to see me showing up for work tomorrow as per usual. Abdul Williams (whose Welfare Queen is being produced by Queen Latifah as a starring vehicle for the actress) wrote the treatment and will also pen the script, while music video director Erik White will helm and Evolution's Oren Koules and Mark Berg produce; Evolution originally packaged the project for Rogue.

Described as an urban comedy, Lottery Ticket revolves around an 18 year-old kid living in the projects who, upon snagging a winning lottery ticket, must keep it a secret over a three day weekend. Williams feels the film is almost like Lord of the Rings in that "you have something so valuable you can't let it off your person, but in a way it's almost a burden." It sounds like a fun story, especially if they set it during a time when the jackpot is so massive that it's all anyone can talk about. Imagine having a ticket like that in your possession; who do you tell first -- who can you trust? Seems like an awful amount of pressure for some young kid, though it's the kind of pressure I'm sure we all wouldn't mind dealing with.

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