Box office sales figures for 2006 are in today and, according to the Hollywood Reporter, things are looking up for the major studios -- at least where the box office is concerned. According to the figures, which were released by the Motion Picture Association of America today, the U.S. box office haul rebounded from a perceived 2005 "slump" with $9.40 billion, an increase of 5.5% over the 2005 figure of $8.99 billion.

And its not just good news in terms of dollars. Actual admissions (a.k.a. tickets sold) were up in 2006 as well, rebounding from a previous three years which saw ticket sales in decline. "I would say it was a bullish year for this business," Dan Glickman, chairman and CEO of the MPAA, said in the article. "Film audiences around the world reminded us that they enjoy going to the movies."

With all the elation surrounding these latest sales figures, I just hope the MPAA and the studios don't overlook the fact that they would probably do even better if they tried a little harder to make good movies. Sure, so-so quality movies sell if that's all there is. But imagine how much more successful they would be if they made more good films? Actually, its not that hard to imagine.