Yes, the title says it all -- a big batch of behind-the-scenes pics for Spider-Man 3 have surfaced over at AICN, who claim the images are from the Art of Spider-Man 3 book. Here's where you might say: "But Erik, we've seen pics, trailers and seven-minute clips -- what more can you show us that we haven't already had a taste of?" Well, would it help if I mention the name 'Venom?' The majority of the pics show us how those wizards over in the make-up department went about transforming Eddie Brock (Topher Grace) into Venom, followed by some concept art and models which show what Venom will look like once everything is complete. There's also a pretty cool Sandman panel consisting of Thomas Haden Church in several "magazine poses," as well as what appears to be some sort of model showing the Sandman transformation.

With Spider-Man 3 set to swing into U.S. theaters on May 4, Sony has bombarded us with plenty of Spidey coolness to whet our appetites. Sure, some of it has been authorized and some not, but we've seen enough to know what we're in store for. However, the same can't be said for another huge May release -- which also happens to be the third installment in a blockbuster franchise -- Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. Rumors surfaced recently that the reason why we haven't even seen a teaser yet (or a convincing set of stills) is because the pic is so far behind that its release date might need to be pushed back. It would be unheard of for Disney to push back the prime release date for, what could be, their biggest money-maker of the year -- but, that's what folks are saying. Now, before you Pirates fans begin freaking out, Cinematical spoke with a Disney rep yesterday, who said off-the-record that as far as they knew, the release date has not been moved and Pirates 3 will be released on May 25, as planned. Yet, that still doesn't answer our questions -- I mean, what gives? There's not even an official website yet?

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