The powers-that-be over at Marvel Comics have decided to kill off one of their most popular patriotic characters! According to AOL's Entertainment Division, Cap gets capped in the most recent issue of his comic book, and this is definitely the end of the road for Steve Rogers ... for the time being, anyway. (Don't get too bummed out, Marvelites, characters get re-killed and resurrected all the time in that universe; the extra drama helps to sell issues.) The saddest part of the whole story is the reaction from 93-year-old Captain Americaco-creator Joe Simon: "We really need him now," is what the aged artist had to say.

But even if ol' Captain A doesn't get a new comic book right away, Marvel has earmarked this character for his very own movie adpatation. (Yes, you get geek points for remembering that there already was a Captain America movie, but you lose those points (times two) if you actually liked that movie. Triple bonus points to anyone who's seen bothof the 1979 made-for-TV CapAm movies!) So in honor of the red, white and blue-coated superhero, we ask you this: Who the heck would you cast as Captain America in a live-action movie? I would have said Thomas Jane if that guy didn't already have his own Marvel franchise to deal with, but how about somebody like Ryan Reynolds? Oh, he's still a possibility for the lead in that Flash movie? Okay, then you guys decide: Who'd be the perfect choice for this hero? (And to the hardcore fans: Who would you get to play Red Skull?)
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