One of last winter's most eagerly-anticipated (not to mention profitable) movies was, of course, Casino Royale, which heralded the arrival of a brand-new (and rather cool) James Bond. Most of the fans seemed to be in agreement that Daniel Craig did a fine job with the newer (and somewhat grittier) 007. Needless to say, the Bondmakers are already hard at work hatching a plot for the 22nd entry in the series, but for those who've yet to see Casino Royale (as well as those who simply need to add the flick to their collection), you'll be happy to know that the DVD hits the shelves next Tuesday.

Those spy-junkies over at have a rather thorough breakdown of what's to be offered on the 2-platter release: no audio commentaries (darnit) but, um, two brand-new featurettes: one on the arrival of Daniel Craig and another on the movie's (pretty awesome) action scenes. Also included is a mini-doc about the history of the Bond Girls, but I'm pretty sure that thing's been on cable more than once or twice by now. Rounding out the extras is a music video for Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" tune ... and that's it! Sorry, but those extras are pretty damn skimpy. I smell a big fat Special Edition Double Dip coming our way whenever "Bond 22" hits the screens.

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