I've always thought that producers are the best folks to interview. Not only do they know everything about anything, but more often than not they're the ones who will open up and spill the beans on stuff. Latino Review recently sat down down with Lorenzo di Bonaventura and threw a slew of questions his way. Bonaventura is a producer on the upcoming Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg, and he's also involved with Transformers, Beverly Hills Cop IV and G.I. Joe -- three projects we're just dying for more information on. Oh, and you bet he talks; there's none of this "I'm not allowed to say, but it's totally awesome!" stuff -- LR certainly goes at him, and the man does not back down.

On Beverly Hills Cop IV, Bonaventura says "they're developing a couple different takes right now" and that Eddie Murphy plans to make it his third film after he completes two more he's signed on to. The producer also is not down with bringing Judge Reinhold back, and would rather move Axle to a different area, surrounding him with (I imagine) a new set of characters. On the G.I. Joe front, Bonaventura told us that Skip Woods (Swordfish) is penning the screenplay, and that the idea is to work in the international version of G.I. Joe, Action Man (who apparently goes by the name Alex Mann) and to wind up with a buddy movie between Duke and Alex. Bonaventura reiterated what we previously told you -- that Wahlberg could play Duke.

With Transformers, the film still isn't completely finished. Bonaventura stressed that they're using "some of the most sophisticated FX that have ever been executed by ILM." He then provided an example, saying one frame during a Transformers fight sequence took roughly thirty-eight hours to execute. Damn. He goes on to talk about a few of the characters -- including Optimus Prime -- who he says we've never really seen a picture of. "The good news for us is that you really haven't seen it because everyone thinks what's been on the Internet is what is going to be final, but it's not the final versions." Feel free to swing by Latino Review for more ...

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