Little bits for you:
  • I'm happy to report that Hal Hartley's Fay Grim is finally getting released this May. The film, which premiered at TIFF, was reviewed by Kim Voynar last September. I was able to see it as well, and the movie was so very worth it. Film Ick and a number of other sites had rumblings of a trailer online, but it is locked. However, assistant editor Kyle Gilman's film reel isn't, and the first 2 minutes are Parker Posey in all her Grim trailer glory. I almost forgot how much I liked the movie until I saw the trailer. It's fun, quirky and has Posey at her strange best. There's even an explosion in there, if you need something less wordy and more flashy.
  • The above title is not a typo. This bit is about Noearsbunnies (direct translation of Keinohrhasen), the latest German film from actor/director Til Schweiger. You might remember him from Keira Knightly's King Arthur, when he played Cynric, or perhaps you've seen his last written/produced/direct/star feature, Barfuss. Schweiger will also star in movie, which is a romantic comedy about a womanizer who has to do community service in a kindergarten. His female co-star will be Nora Tschirner, who plays a teacher at the school. While the plot sounds run-of-the-mill, I'm interested in what inspired this title...
  • I've got one more trailer to wrap this up -- Girls Rock, a documentary that is headed to Hot Docs this Spring. Forget Hanson and all their bubbly pop annoyingness, this film is about The Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls that lets young girls rock out and gain self-esteem in the process. The girls are cute, real and varied. On one level, it looks fun and terribly cute to see young girls composing and performing hard music, on another, it's great to just see real girls doing more than mainstream media would lead us to believe. You can rock out with them in the trailer here, or on their MySpace.