I don't know where he came from but I'm sure glad he's here. James McAvoy that is -- recent lead opposite Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotlandand star of Starter for 10, a film about a college boy who falls in love with the girl he wants versus the girl he is 'meant to be with.' I never saw The Chronicles of Narnia and wasn't particularly interested in seeing Wimbledon, but I'm glad his films are currently getting notice. The rumor mill has also been giving McAvoy a lot of notice lately -- particularly the Sci Fi part of it -- as there's been a lot of recent talk about him playing Scotty in the upcoming Star Trek film, Trek XI.

Those rumors have pretty much been put to rest now, as McAvoy has taken the trouble to call them "rubbish." All the talk began when IGN first reported hearing Paramount contemplating McAvoy for the role formerly played by the late James Doohan, and it's been growing since then. McAvoy's statement, while not exactly slamming the door shut forever, does come pretty close to being a 'no thank you' with regards to the role. Rotten Tomatoes has a full report on what the Scottish dreamboat had to say about being considered for the role. I have to say that I'm surprised by the self-proclaimed Trekkie's statement on Trek XI. I know a few true Star Trek fans that would kill for the opportunity to play a role in the space land dream world, and if he really wanted to be considered, he probably shouldn't have dissed the rumors. Perhaps he needs a talking to by his fan club counterparts.
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