Today's suburban mega-churches know the power of multi-media as well as any other marketers, thus the new site has popped up, offering (at subscription rates of $12 a month or $119 a year) the opportunity to download inspirational clips of various movies, running from 30 seconds to four minutes. "We will only make WingClips available from movies that do no contradict Judeo-Christian values..." claims the site, although this is a little hard to believe, given there are over 200 topics to choose clips from. I tried "sex" and got a clip from the 2005 indie Sweet Land. Here's the description: "Inga and Olaf are waiting on papers to be married. In the mean time, their pastor catches them living together, dancing together and drinking coffee together." Drinking coffee?! How about "atheism"? Nothing from Inherit the Wind, surprisingly enough.

Instead, WingClips will download for you the baptism scene from Nacho Libre; Oh, Lord, why do you test my faith with the continued success of Jack Black? "Criticism"...a noble subject, illustrated with a scene from a movie I never would have considered spiritual, The World's Fastest Indian, where Anthony Hopkins quotes St. Theodore. Excuse me, Theodore Roosevelt. (The World's Fastest Indian may be worrisome to some evangelicals, considering that the movie has Vanessa Williams' brother Chris playing a good-hearted transvestite in it.) "Abortion" gets you a scene from the Dorothy Day biopic Entertaining Angels (and just try to tell Day's story without using the word "socialist"...) "Denial"--another popular topic around these parts -- brings up a trove of films: the just released Amazing Grace (my idea of a good religious movie, along with certain Bresson and Dardenne Brothers efforts); Flight 93, and the Israeli documentary 39 Pounds of Love. Among the others offered for excerpts include Most and The Bridge to Terebitha, Pride and Spider-Man 3.

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