Bites for hump day:
  • Stuber/Parent must really, really like/respect Cameron Fay. His first-time feature script, Unnatural Selection, has not only been picked up by the production duo, but he will also be able to direct it. Fay says: "They immediately got behind me and said another director would not serve the script's voice as well." That's quite the vote of confidence! Good work, Mr. Fay. His film is a romantic comedy set in New York about an underachiever who has a fool-proof way to get women to have sex with him -- that is, until he comes across a divorced mom who makes him re-assess things. No cast or production date has been set.
  • It's time to add more cast to Mamma Mia. We've been covering the Abba adaptation for a while now, and recently Matt Bradshaw reported that Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep had both signed on to star in the musical. Although Variety had reported that he already signed, The Hollywood Reporter has him in final negotiations. However, they also list another co-star -- Amanda Seyfried. She's probably best known for her portrayal as Veronica's dead friend, Lilly Kane in Veronica Mars, or her time in Mean Girls. In Mamma, she'll play the bride-to-be. If you've never seen the musical, it's about an upcoming bride who wants to know who her father is. Her mother won't say, so she snoops in her mother's diary, finds 3 potential dads, and invites them all to her wedding. And, of course, it's all set to Abba music.
  • There is more going on with the TidelandDVD drama. After mass complaints and posts about the fudging of the aspect ratio from 2.35:1 to 1.78:1, Terry Gilliam has spoken up. Film Ick has two statements from him, via Phil Stubbs. The first -- he shrunk the film from the 2.35 to 2.25 to make it look better on a smaller screen. Once he heard about the smaller version: "I think we have to get the word out NOT TO BUY the American version of the DVD." THINKFilm, meanwhile, says the shrunken version is all they had, and they hope to put out a proper one when it is available. Is this a dumb mix-up, or perhaps a chance to get people to buy two versions?