After many years of Sex and the City, it's hard to not think of Sarah Jessica Parker and her Carrie Bradshaw when there is talk of a sex columnist in New York City. But where Carrie mused more about relationships and didn't get much racier than modelizers and bed talk, Grant Stoddard could probably make Samantha blush. After dropping out of school in London, he started to work for Nerve as a sex columnist. There would be no Mr. Big, so to speak, but experimentation -- he dipped his toes, or other parts, into whatever scheme the online mag cooked up for him. This included sex, orgies, gay bars and for his final piece in 2004, Stoddard literally f*cked himself with a replica of his own penis. That's work dedication most of us don't have.

Fast-forward a few years -- now his book, Working Stiff: A Memoir, is resting on shelves, telling the story of his move to New York City, and the things he faced in the name of Nerve. To top off this achievement, the man is going to see his professional adventures on the big screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Vantage has bought the rights to Stoddard's memoir and Emily Cook and Kathy Greenberg will pen the adaptation. This sounds like the sort of thing that could make for a really solid comedy, if it doesn't fall prey to the myriad of over-done plot traps floating out there. If they end it as he did in his column, the movie should be worth it.
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